Things You Can Do to Help

We would greatly appreciate any donations or loans of historical artifacts from members of the public. Items will be displayed with the name of the owner attached, and will be taken good care of.

We are mainly interested in America's wars from the Revolutionary, Civil, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, right up to the present day, and artifacts from these such as uniforms, equipment, artillery, medals, flags, photos, letters, from all branches of military service. However anything of historical interest, militarial or non-militarial, would be appreciated. Already at the museum are quilts, model airplanes, magazines, photos of old Hartselle (prints of which are for sale)and various other items.

The Hartselle Military Museum and Foundation
109 Hickory Street SE.,
Alabama 35640
telephone: 256-773-7271
cell: 256-227-7308
cell: 256-466-1940

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